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The following introduction has been used successfully many times. Unless the person introducing George is personally acquainted with him, request the introduction to be read as follows:

'In George's fight to stay alive, his attitude was, "I'm not quitting and giving-up." People who come to know him and who have watched and listened to him are glad he didn't quit and give up.

The well known motivational speaker, trainer and author wishes to be called "George" or "Captain Burk." He reminds his hosts and friends alike that "Mr. Burk" was his dearly loved father.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, home of the six-time Super Bowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, this former outstanding high school and college athlete, and Air Force Vietnam Veteran, learned early in his life that, "failure isn't falling down, but staying down."

His awards include the bronze Star, Air Force Commendation Medal; Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award, Presidential Award for Outstanding Employee with a Disability; The Department of Defense and Department of Navy Outstanding Employee with a Disability Awards and many others.

In 1998, he was inducted into the Adrian College, MI Athletic Hall of Fame.

He has appeared on many radio stations around the country and in Canada and on several Phoenix, AZ TV Stations. George says that he's grateful and blessed that God gave him a second chance to live. He saw the bridge, and saw the light and believes we all have guardian angels.

Today, he shares his message of faith, hope, overcoming adversity, taking responsibility, and change with audiences around the country and internationally.

George's life is a benchmark of the title of his first book, "The Bridge Never Crossed - A Survivors Search for Meaning."

** (When appropriate - mention that first we'll see the edited Discovery Health Channel video then the introducer will formally introduce me.)

After the video

"It is with great pleasure that I introduce Captain George Burk..."

Comments about the speech or training

"George will remain to visit with you immediately after this session."


"George’s three books, “The Bridge Never Crossed - A Survivor’s Search for Meaning;” “Value Centered Leadership…” and “Laugh You Live Cry You Die – A Burn Survivor’s Triumph Over Tragedy” are available for purchase and personal signing.

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