Overcoming Adversity

Everyone has faced some type of personal or professional adversity in his or her life. Whether we like it or not or agree with it or not, adversity and challenges are a part of life. What is important is how we deal with the adversity and that outcome defines and cements our purpose, faith, core values and philosophy for life and living.

The title of George Burk's first book, "The Bridge Never Crossed - A Survivor's Search for Meaning" not only tells about his crash and miraculous rescue, but reflects his transformation from victim to survivor and his faith, love of life, and taking responsibility for change. He knows that if a person has a "why" to live, they can find almost any "how," and there's nothing worse than an amputated spirit.

From outstanding high school and college athlete to Vietnam veteran, George knows first hand about fear, frustration and doubt. He also knows about honor, courage, character, determination and the will to live. From the military plane crash that left him burned over 65% of his body and multiple internal injuries, George overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to accomplish many things in his life. He hasn't done it alone; he's had a lot of help!

George Burk speaks with conviction and passion about the innate human spirit---the will to live and to succeed and the importance of making the right choices and taking responsibility for our actions.

"I don't concern myself with the few things I no longer can do. Rather, I choose to focus on the many things I can still do."

His remarkable story is about life's many personal and professional challenges and to envision what can be through honor, courage, character and abilities. George's keynote speeches, training seminars, radio and television appearances have entertained, informed, inspired and persuaded thousands of people.

"You're known by the words you use and the company you keep, so choose them both wisely."

Have you often asked how or why physical or emotional "scars" are holding you back in your personal or professional lives?

Listen to George's inspiring and moving story. From companies to non-profits, schools and colleges to faith-based organizations and health care professional and first responders, audiences have responded to his challenges to pass the salt and make a difference and to make a person, place or thing a little better for your having been there. He speaks from the heart with the wisdom gained only from God.

For more information about George's keynotes, training seminars and books, contact him: gburk@georgeburk.com

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